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Want to improve your online presence?

  • 1Find dedicated workers and guaranteed results for micro jobs.
  • 2Name your price per completion and pay as you go.
  • 3Boost your business & dominate social media. Learn More >

Want to makesome extra cash?

  • 1Complete tiny micro jobs of your choice
  • 2Spend a few minutes…or a few hours completing jobs
  • 3Earn money + low withdrawal minimums + 2x monthly payouts

EmployerFeatures & Benefits

  • 1Only a 5 position minimum; stop your task at any time
  • 2Pay as you approve submissions, NOT upfront
  • 3Set your own price for each successful completion
  • 4Set a schedule for completion More >


Welcome to! Here, you can find an army of workers for all your site’s SEO, e-marketing, and social media needs -- or sign up to make some easy bucks by using your free time to complete micro jobs for others.

Signing up is easy and free, and you can be on your way to meeting your online marketing needs in minutes. Join now and give it a try!

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Popular Micro Jobs

With ClickChores, you can ask workers to complete most any micro job you can think of.
  • 1"Google this keyword and click"
  • 2"Like my Facebook page"
  • 3"Post my link"
  • 4"Comment on my post"
  • 5"Vote for me"
  • 6"Follow my brand on Twitter"
  • 7"Write an article"
  • 8"Sign up here"
  • 9"Pin this to Pintrest"
  • 10"Search and browse my site"
  • 11"Digg my page"
  • 12"Add me to your list on Twitter"
  • 13"Stumble my site"
  • 14"Watch and favorite my video"
  • 15"Post an ad on CraigsList"
  • 16"Retweet my Tweet"
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Employer Features

Pay as you go. Not upfront.

Choose what each worker will earn for completing your micro job. Pay as workers complete your job. Unlike other micro job sites, ClickChores doesn't deduct money from your account until you confirm that your job was completed successfully.

Set a schedule.

Decide how often you’d like a ClickChores worker to complete your task. Employers can carefully control how often they'd like a worker to complete their micro job.

Require proof.

Require your workers to submit proof of successfully completing your job. You decide what proof you need that your job was completed successfully. You pay only when your satisfied.

Choose who you trust.

Invite the workers you trust to complete your task. Have a trusted circle of workers?  Invite your favorites to complete your micro job.

Start & stop.

Need to cancel your micro job? Want to take a break? That’s easy. You can choose to pause and un=pause your job at any time. Sign Up Now

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CC Testimonials

  • While some micro jobs sites I’ve used in the past had issues with reliability, I have had no problem getting paid for completing tasks or withdrawing my earnings. Great way to make some spending money as a college student!

    Andy H., User
  • We were able to use the ClickChores micro jobs community to increase our number of natural links and increase our standing in organic search rankings. For someone like me who can get overwhelmed with new technologies and sites, it was very easy to use.

    Tran R.,
  • As a small start-up on a shoestring budget, we needed cheap ways to increase our exposure and SEO footprint. ClickChores allowed us to build our social media following and connect to a greater number of potential users worldwide.

    Adam H., Communications Director,